Then, within Mauritania, the school of the Sheikh, is a well known and respected school.The Ameer or Sheikh of the village of Umm-ul-Qora is Sheikh Muhammad Saalim wald ‘Udood ash-Shanqeetee.

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When asked about how much time he spends in reading, memorizing and reviewing, the Shaykh responded, ”, [Pages from the Life of the Virtuous Shaykh Sulaymān Ibn Nāsir Al-‘Ulwān], prepared by Abū Muhammad Yūsuf As-Sālih.

As well as things added by the translators that have happened to the Shaykh since the publishing of his above mentioned biography.

Dear Brothers, many people have heard of the traditional schooling system in West Africa, but few have been able to get a good picture of the way studies are carried out there.

Since it is located in a remote village, people also have many concerns about the living conditions there.

From the scholar’s lips, extending all the way back to the Messenger of Allāh صلى وسلم عليه .اهللاThis took place on 18/8/1413H.

Later, he traveled to Makkah and sat with the scholars there and received similar licenses to teach in the other books of the Sunnah, Tafsīr and jurisprudence.He also gave lessons in the classification and terminology of Hadīth [Mustalah Al-Hadīth] as well as their defects [‘Ilal], jurisprudence, grammar and Tafsīr.And from the lessons, which he gave from the books of belief [‘Aqīdah], were: However, the Shaykh was later prevented from offering lessons in the Mosque by the authorities due to undeclared reasons.And I praised Allāh –Glorified be He –for what he gave you from the comprehension of the religion (Dīn) and your holding steadfast to the predecessors’ beliefs (Salafī ‘Aqīdah) and teaching it to the students and refuting those who oppose it.So I ask Allāh to reward you with goodness and multiply your rewards and increase you in knowledge and guidance and make ourselves and you and the rest of our brothers, to be among His righteous slaves and His successful party (Hizb).Sulaymān Ibn Nāsir Ibn ‘Abdillāh Al-‘Ulwān was born and raised in the city of Buraydah in the province of Al-Qasīm, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the year 1389 H.