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Analysis undergone by BBC journalists place the industry size at US $2-3 billion in 2016 alone and based on the intelligence, the major video chat sites keep on growing in terms of traffic and usage.

The issue is that it’s mostly the large ones that are getting larger.

Stickam was a live-streaming video website that launched in 2005.

Stickam featured user-submitted pictures, audio, video, and most prominently, live streaming video chat.

The name "Stickam" referred to this ability to "stick" a webcam feed onto another site.

Anyone could "go live" and broadcast live video on Stickam from their computer, i Phone or i Pad within seconds.It was also possible to connect HD and other cameras, mixers, and audio feeds to send HD and professional broadcast streams out via Stickam.Stickam’s live video players came with built-in chat capabilities, allowing both text chat and optional video chat.A dedicated website toolkit will be available for any Vanilla Play affiliate.This will enable affiliates to gain profits by promoting the toolkit-generated website and from the activity of the models that joined the network at their recommendation.The site quickly expanded to include live shows and produced content from MTV, G4 TV, CBS Radio, NATPE, CES, and many others, as well as live performances and shows with numerous musicians and celebrities.