I didn't want to sound ungrateful, but it occurred to me that what he was asking was close to human trafficking.

It certainly wouldn't be bad sleeping with a handsome guy closer to my own age, but I worried that sleeping with him would lead to sleeping with James and Al, and I hadn't even met them.

Then he suggested I remove my clothes so I didn't mess up my clothes as I worked him over.

OMG, I thought, what am I getting myself into, and how am I going to get enough money to get back to Omaha?

I was only twenty-two-years-old, and although I had been with Rob for a few months, he was the only man I had lived with though I had other experience mostly from work relationships.

Mike said, "I just finished work Ann, and I'd take you home, but I share a place with two other men to keep our expenses down, and it gets pretty rowdy at times." He asked if Rob left any money, and when he learned I only had $192.37 to my name he said, "Come along with me, and we'll see what we can do for you." I knew this was more trouble, but I had no options as I smiled through my tears and he picked up my suitcase and walked me to his car.

He explained they had a three-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a great room, and that they generally ate out or at the casino.

Then I added he wasn't my husband, just a former friend that had abandoned me.

He asked me where I planned to go, and I felt the tears flowing as I gasped for air and couldn't respond verbally, so I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head in despair.

Maybe we could give you free rent and have you earn your keep by doing the cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

I saw him send a text and comment that he thought they would approve her staying a few nights.

I wasn't even sure what Rob did for a living as he wined me and dined me every night from the minute I left work until the next morning when he delivered me to my corporate job.

After two weeks he persuaded me to quit my job and travel with him on three cruises where he gambled and made enough money to provide everything a young woman could desire.

That sounded pretty good until he admitted they were all slobs that hung out in their underwear or robes most of the time when they weren't about to leave for work.