& drivers 1472 Alcohol mfg.–wood & drivers 1472 Camphine mfg. or slate splitting & drivers 1624 Silica rock quarry–& drivers 1624 Slag digging and crushing–& drivers 1624 Slate quarry–& drivers 1624 Slate splitting or roofing slate mfg. 1654 Quarry–cement rock–surface–& drivers 1655 Lime mfg.–quarry–surface–& drivers 1655 Quarry–limestone–surface–& drivers 1699 Fiberglass mfg. 1699 Shale aggregate production 1699 Vermiculite mfg. & drivers 1803 Limestone cutting or polishing–& drivers 1803 Lithographing stone mfg.–no quarrying–& drivers 1803 Marble cutting or polishing–& drivers 1803 Millstone mfg.–& drivers 1803 Monument dealer–wholesale or retail–& drivers 1803 Oil or hone stone mfg.

Looking for an index of workers compensation codes for a state other than Wisconsin? Click on a state to view the correlating list of workers compensation class codes. & route supervisors, drivers 2070 Cheese or butter mfg. 2112 Syrup mfg.–fruit–for soda fountains 2114 Clam digging 2114 Oyster processing 2121 Brewery & drivers 2121 Malt house & drivers 2130 Alcohol mfg.–grain–all operations 2130 Alcohol mfg.–potato–all operations 2130 Brandy distillery 2130 Distillery–spirituous liquor 2130 Gin distillery 2130 Rum distillery 2130 Spirituous liquor distillery 2130 Vodka distillery 2130 Whiskey distillery 2131 Bottling–spirituous liquor–not beer or wine 2131 Liquor bottling–not beer or wine, including warehousing rectifying or blending 2131 Spirituous liquor bottling 2131 Whiskey bottling–not beer or wine, including warehousing rectifying or blending 2143 Cider mfg. NOC 2220 Rug or carpet mfg.–jute or hemp 2220 Thread or yarn mfg.–cotton 2220 Twine, cordage or rope mfg. NOC 2413 Flock coating of textiles 2413 Mercerizing textile 2413 Silk-screen process cloth printing–machinery operations prior to or after hand operations 2413 Textile–bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing 2416 Mercerizing yarn 2416 Thread or yarn dyeing or finishing 2416 Yarn or thread dyeing or finishing 2417 Cloth printing 2501 Cloth, canvas and related products mfg. 2501 Draperies or curtain mfg.–from cloth, paper or plastic–cutting and sewing 2501 Feather pillow mfg.

These Classification Codes and Phraseology are NCCI Copyrighted materials, used with permission of NCCI © Copyright 1986-2016, National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. & route supervisors, drivers 2070 Creamery or dairy & route supervisors, drivers 2070 Milk bottle exchange–all employees & drivers 2070 Milk depot or milk dealer & route supervisors, drivers 2081 Butchering 2081 Slaughtering 2081 Stockyard & butchering 2089 Packing house–all operations 2095 Dehydrating meats 2095 Meat products mfg. 2111 Aerosol products packaging 2111 Cannery–maintenance & security employees 2111 Cannery NOC 2111 Canning–motor oil 2111 Canning–turpentine 2111 Cat food mfg.–canning operation 2111 Dog food mfg.–canning operation 2111 Frozen vegetable products mfg.–preparation similar to canning 2111 Pea de-veining at cannery 2112 Dehydrating soup 2112 Dehydrating vegetables 2112 Frozen fruit processing or packing 2112 Fruit evaporating or preserving 2112 Jam mfg. NOC 2220 Twine or cord mfg.–cotton 2220 Yarn or thread mfg.–cotton 2286 Wool spinning and weaving 2286 Yarn mfg.–wool 2288 Air conditioning filter media mfg.–nonwoven 2288 Automobile floor mat mfg. from felt or felt-like material 2300 Plush or velvet mfg. 2302 Glass yarn weaving 2302 Plastic yarn weaving 2302 Ribbon mfg.–textile fabrics 2302 Silk thread or yarn mfg. 2305 Textile fiber mfg.–synthetic 2361 Hosiery dyeing and finishing 2361 Hosiery mfg.

3081 Foundry–ferrous–NOC 3081 Foundry–soil pipe using pit method 3082 Car wheel mfg.–railroad 3082 Foundry–steel castings 3085 Casting mfg.

3064 Sign mfg.–metal 3064 Sign mfg.–neon 3064 Sign mfg.–silk screen printing–metal 3076 Airplane subassemblies mfg.–metal cowling, wing, tabs, & aileron, etc. 3076 Furniture mfg.–metal 3076 Garment rack mfg.–metal 3076 Grain bin mfg. 3076 Hotel and restaurant kitchen equipment mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Ice cream cabinet mfg.–metal 3076 Incubator mfg.–metal 3076 Jalousie or jalousie screen manufacture–metal or glass 3076 Locker mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Oven mfg.–metal industrial drying ovens 3076 Oven mfg.–no mechanical parts 3076 Panel mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Partition mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Radiator cabinet or shield mfg.–metal 3076 Refrigerator mfg.–metal–household or commercial–all other than refrigerating unit 3076 Restaurant and hotel–kitchen equipment mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Sash mfg.–metal 3076 Satellite dish mfg.–metal mesh 3076 Sheet metal products mfg. 3076 Window sash mfg.–aluminum 3081 Bathtub mfg.–enameled iron 3081 Enameled iron ware mfg.

2 BEDROOM EXECUTIVE PLUS Our 2 Bedroom Executive Plus has one king bed (or queen) in Bedroom 1 and bedding varies per Bedroom 2 and the den and the living room. The unit offers a dining area, as well as a kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and living area, TV, DVD, fireplace, personal outdoor hot tub, balcony, and private laundry facilities.

2 BEDROOM PLATINUM Our 2 Bedroom Platinum has one king bed in bedroom 1, one double /single bunk in bedroom 2 and one queen sleeper sofas in the living room. The unit offers a dining area, as well as a kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and living area, TV, DVD, fireplace, personal outdoor hot tub, balcony, and private laundry facilities. NOC & drivers 3022 Tubing mfg.–non-ferrous–for automobile exhaust systems–& drivers 3027 Brass plate, sheet, strip or coil stock mfg.–& drivers 3027 Copper plate, sheet, strip or coil stock mfg.–& drivers 3027 Lead works & drivers 3027 Pipe or tube mfg.–lead–& drivers 3027 Rolling mill NOC & drivers 3028 Pipe or tube mfg.–iron or steel & drivers 3028 Tubing mfg.–iron or steel–for automobile exhaust systems–& drivers 3030 Iron or steel–fabrication–ironworks or steelworks–shop–structural–& drivers 3040 Aircraft landing mats mfg.–by welding & drivers 3040 Balcony fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Burial vault mfg.–metal–& drivers 3040 Crab pot mfg.–& drivers 3040 Door mfg.–metal (heavy metal) 3040 Elevator door fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Fire door fabrication–iron or steel & drivers 3040 Fire escape fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Iron or steel–ironworks–shop– ornamental–& drivers 3040 Railings fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Shutter fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Staircase fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3041 Facade fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Furniture mfg.–wrought iron–& drivers 3041 Iron or steel–fabrication–ironworks– shop–decorative or artistic–foundries & drivers 3041 Memorial plaque fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Sculptures, hand formed–metal–& drivers 3041 Sun dial fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Wrought iron furniture mfg.–& drivers 3042 Elevator or escalator mfg. 3064 Sign mfg.–silk-screen printing–metal 3064 Neon sign mfg. of metal awnings exclusively 3076 Awning mfg.–metal 3076 Casket or coffin mfg. or assembly– metal 3076 Coppersmith–shop 3076 Cryogenic device mfg.–sheet metal work 3076 Culvert mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Door mfg.–metal (light metal) 3076 Duct mfg.–air conditioning 3076 Fireproof equipment mfg. & drivers 3022 Pipe manufacturing NOC & drivers 3022 Pipe or tube mfg. NCCI shall have no liability to any end user for the use or inability to use the Classification List and Phraseology provided on this website. This page contains an exhaustive Wisconsin workers compensation code list, utilizing paginated tabs. or refining from sugarcane or sugar beets 2021 Syrup or molasses refining–blending or mfg. & drivers 2039 Ice cream cabinet installation & service, drivers–by ice cream manufacturers 2039 Ice cream mfg. & drivers 2039 Sherbert mfg.–& drivers 2041 Candy, chocolate and confection mfg. & mica preparing 1853 Mica splitting 1860 Abrasive paper or cloth preparation 1860 Emery cloth mfg. 2003 Bakery salespersons & drivers 2003 Donut mfg.–no consumption on premises–& drivers 2003 Frozen bakery products mfg.–& drivers 2003 Pastry mfg.–& drivers 2003 Pizza crust mfg.–baked & drivers 2014 Alfalfa dehydrating or milling 2014 Barley milling 2014 Corn milling 2014 Feed additives for livestock mfg. 2014 Feed or grain milling 2014 Grain or feed milling 2014 Grist mills 2014 Milling grain 2014 Oat milling 2014 Potato flour mfg.