He likely is less inclined to discipline problem priests or report them to law enforcement. Añatuya bishop in 2004 until he was appointed bishop of Villa de la Concepción in December 2014.

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On 9/20/2016, an archdiocesan spokesperson said (1, 2) that the Neocatechumenates in Guam had a powerful ally in to the Agaña archdiocese.

The Vatican has "just formed all the conditions for the trial," Hon told reporters in early November.

Tried in Perth court February 2016 on charges of "indecent dealings" with five boys, ages 13-15, between 1969-1972. Accused publicly 1995 of abusing boys and young monks. Reportedly sexually abused minors, including an altar boy; Office of Public Prosecution opened investigation which it soon closed, citing insufficient evidence. Member of Neocatechumenal Way, a controversial church movement.

Retired as archbishop soon after, age 75, with JP II saying Christ too faced "unjust accusations." Named head of priory 1996. Resigned 2010, age 73, per canon 401.2 after admitting to sexual abuse of boy, later revealed to be his nephew. Accused also of sexually abusing seminarians between 19. Sparked outcry 2011 when he deeded a $40M church property in Yona for indefinite use as a Neocatechumenate seminary and theological institute (see pages 77-80 of 9/2016 archdiocesan report).

On 6/29/2017, Victoria police announced that Pell would face "multiple charges" and that there were "multiple complainants." In response, the Sydney archdiocese said that Pell "strenuously" denies the allegations and will return home pending doctors' approval to "defend the charges vigorously." He becomes the highest ranking Catholic Church official to be criminally charged with child sexual abuse. Found dead in his Vatican apartment August 28, 2015. Abuse was said to have included masturbation, anal and oral sex.

Criminally charged June 2014 with 1969 sexual abuse of child in New Norcia, prior to ordination. Stepped aside as Australia's Military bishop while court case active. Diocesan investigators deemed the accusations "plausible" and awarded Janssen's accuser 10,000 euros "in recognition of his suffering." Resigned age 69 in 2010 per canon 401.2 after accusations he severely beat children at at a Schrobenhausen orphanage in the 1970s and misappropriated the orphanage's funds.

In the sexual abuse crisis, the problem of bishops and major superiors who abuse has not received systematic scrutiny.

Yet a bishop who is guilty of child abuse, or who has other violations of celibacy to conceal, has compromised his role in the formation of his priests and in assigning them properly.

Women are undergoing surgery to create perfect genitalia amid a "shocking" lack of information on the potential risks of the procedure, a report says.

Research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology also questions the very notion of aesthetically pleasing genitals.

The apparent sexual criminality of Jósef Wesołowski, a Vatican diplomat for a dozen years, raises concerns about the character of the bishops he helped select as papal nuncio to six countries. News broken by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) July 2016 of multiple additional complaints investigated by Victorian police. Accused in 2007 of sexual assault of a 42-year-old man for 11 years. Diplomatic immunity removed August 2014, day after NY Times expos.