Check the following link, Installing Drivers on Windows Server Corethird question: is there a way to use device manager from remote server?

access denied when updating drivers-19

I cannot install them through pnputil because I don’t have drivers.

As I already asked, I need a way to tell windows to install driver(s) automatically like in GUI version: right-click on device and It would be nice if that can be done for all uninstalled drivers, but I would satisfy with one by one solution.

Check the following links question: how can I do that on core?

You can manually install drivers on Windows Server core with Pnputil.

Best practice when installing drivers is to get the latest versions from the server manufacturer.

They should also have instructions on how to install them. When working on Server Core, get used to working on the command line. By the way, another useful tool when managing drivers on Server Core is devcon in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). Here is useful link for downloading devcon without entire WDK.

I installed windows 2016 GUI for a test on wannabe hyper-V host.

I found about 50 devices that need drivers and I clicked one-by-one right-click and update driver software and everything except coprocessor was clean (which I manually installed).

Sorry if I wasn’t precise enough about device manager.

If possible, I would like to manage/control device manager from a remote server, not just to use read-only mode as stated in Michaels link.

Nevertheless I tried changing a setting in GPO: Allow remote access to the Plug and Play interface to ENABLED – but without success.