Lamentation and anyone else interested in MAMs: My interest in MAMs started in the early 60s which is just about when they started featuring the DID covers and usually a story or two of GIMP interest.They were available on many newsstands and the like, places I had access to.The availability of like material was scarce for someone like myself who was not aware of venues that catered to one’s sexual needs. But I was not aware of the ones that were dedicated to bondage and torture and only knew of those that were mainstream, usually with one scene of some interest.

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She'll have time for some ballistic perspiration before it falls. But finances do not permit, and she lets rather little of her stuff go without payment. Depending on the weight of the stone, it could very well smash her head off.

I like to imagine that the block weighs in at a ton or more, being made of super dense stone, but that is only my interpretation.

Further, at some point I do want to contribute to the GIMP Comics section.

I was working on something a while back, but I wasn't happy with how it was turning out.

I started buying them at prices usually around $10 or $15.

Eventually I built up a collection of a little over 200.

All I do remember is that I thought the story was poor.

If you have the issue info or even the name of the story I can probably find it but probably don’t have anything useful to you.

That led at some point to typing out those parts and expanding them to one degree or another.