Haven't smelled a Champaca flower yet, but the opening has a yellow-flowery smell, the sort that emanates from Frangipani flowers but subtle.

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It smells very flowery/powdery and feminine but after a while it gets a little bit dirtier, probably because of the cognac which then becomes appropriate even for men. Scent: 8.5/10 Longevity: 8/10 Projection: 8/10 This is gorgeous! Champaca is definitely the main actor here, but is supported and enhanced by other floral nuances, sweet notes and warm base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

I just got a full bottle after using samples and am so happy. It's a decent fragrance but not inpressive enough esp when that woody note kicks in. I adore the largely present cognac note because it's boozy presence mellows the champaca out by yielding a toasty oakiness.

If only Tom could make the top notes in ones like this and Venetian Bergamot last longer.

This could have been on par with something like Baccarat Rouge 540 if the smell emanating from the flacon was reproduced by the on-skin experience I hugged a young lady and the scent got on me and lasted all day. My signature scent is Aventus but unlike Aventus, I can smell this all day and night (it gets on your pillow and follows you to your dreams).

In my opinion this is more feminine than masculine but suits either. Champaca Absolute makes me feel happy, yet I don't feel the need to buy a full bottle and will savor my 4 ml bottle on rainy days when I need some flowers, sweets and a hefty drink.

It is one of his best and I love the way the champacca sits on the skin mixing with the other notes. Mm, the combination of champaca flower, cognac and sandalwood turn this into more of a tobacco scent to my nose. This is the day my dreams come true about finding a real sillage monster that I love I don't know how champaca and maron grac smell in reality,but I can smell a dominant floral note,which is familiar to my nose but I've never smelt it in a perfume,very natural,nostalgic and nice smelling,soaked in a nutty honey..there is no cognak to my nose I know this kind of explaining a scent is childish but this is the best way I can picture it It is warm,sweet and deliciously sexy,there is a hint of powderyness,also a hint of spices and to be honest I find champaca absolute,absolutely feminine.differant from other perfumes I own and very strong Great longevity and enormous sillage I will wear it all around the year except summers(maybe not bad for summer nights) I think it's better for 35years old so not for my age but I like it and I wear whatever I is a special fragrance and I'm going to use it in special events I will edit this after several uses I don't know what champaca smells like, but I assume it smells like "YELLOW FLOWERS!!!

Completely opposite reaction to Bronx Beauty's experience.

I wouldn't re-purchase again (as it stands) never know what time does to a guy.

I don't know when I'll wear this other than wanting to sit with it and enjoy it by myself, I think it could work for a casual few drinks or anything semi-formal.