The new torque reserve system makes it possible to hold the engine at 2,200 rpm and develop 6.4 psi of boost standing at the line.

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This is one vehicle where current speed should be displayed digitally in giant letters in front of you.

The speedometer, located in the lower right of the instrument panel with a traditional needle flitting between speeds listed in 10-mph increments, can make it hard to keep speed in check without setting the cruise control.

The 2.5-mile track carved out of the forest has 700 feet of elevation changes to spice up the turns.

The Trackhawk devoured it all and never felt overly heavy or lumbering.

With so much power, I was expecting the Trackhawk to be a bit raw and brutal in regular driving. The supercharger drive system’s one-way clutch de-coupler improves refinement while allowing the beast under the hood to be heard in guttural growls at low speeds and unleash a series of snorts and pops when you mash the pedal. You don’t hear much of the supercharger at tip-in, but the sound increases as you throttle up.

Sure the suspension is stiff, but even on a long stretch of rough pavement in Maine and New Hampshire, the Bilstein adaptive damping suspension made the drive quite livable.

Essentially, it gets the air moving while you are standing still so it is primed and ready for launch.

Use your right foot to push the accelerator to the floor.

The Trackhawk also has unique quad exhaust tips, a redesigned fascia, unique headlamps, and a flat-bottom steering wheel with paddle shifters.