He is bruised and wounded, but He heals every disease and every infirmity.He is lifted up and nailed to the tree, but by the tree of life He restores us.

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The actor Ben Kingsley has secretly married a Brazilian former waitress half his age.

The 63-year-old Oscar winner is said to have made bit part-actress Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro, 34, his fourth wife.

Come out to freedom, and leave all these meaningless rituals behind.

Stop misdirecting your sweet and worthy prayers to a deity who simply is not either alive, or there. Rejected by her family who she loves, and an utter outcast in her homeland, Mina and her husband made a harrowing journey across the mountains to Turkey, then to Europe, and lastly to America.

In 1996, she met and married former husband, Ben Lavender.

Mr Lavender, a doctor's son and successful systems analyst who lived in a mansion flat in London's Notting Hill.

Many expressed doubts as to whether the relationship between Sir Ben - who enjoys pottering in the garden and reading - and the "bombshell" would last. She moves like an ocean liner." Lady Kingsley, as she will now be known, is the daughter of a policeman from the impoverished north-eastern Bahia region of Brazil.

Sadly Sir Ben, who insists on people using his knighthood when they refer to him, said he was too busy filming to go on honeymoon: "We're extremely happy. Sir Ben's marriage to the former Miss Barbosa is just the latest episode in the colourful soap opera that is his private life.

As therefore Ananus was of such a disposition, he thought he had now a good opportunity, as Festus was now dead, and Albinus was still on the road; so he assembled a council of judges, and brought before it the brother of Jesus the so-called Christ, whose name was James, together with some others, and having accused them as lawbreakers, he delivered them over to be stoned.