"When I was 14, I spent the night above ground for the first time.I lay stiff with fright on his bed as he lay down next to me and tied my wrists to his with plastic cuffs. She described that she tried to remain motionless, cuffed to the bed as he breathed down her neck. Her book reveals that despair forced her to attempt suicide several times.Speculation was rife – theories of paedophilia gangs, a serial killer or even organ theft. Natascha, now 18, was pale, shaken and weighed only 7st 7lb – almost the same as when she’d disappeared aged 10. She’d been held captive for 3,096 days – the title of her later memoir. And as she began to talk, a terrible tale unfolded.

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So, after a few months underground, I asked my kidnapper to embrace me. I went into a claustrophobic panic when he held me too tight." They eventually found a way that was a compromise.

She also tells how Priklopil forced her to share his bed.

Campbell-Hughes told the Evening Standard, that "There was an understanding from the beginning that I would suffer as much as she did." The actress told that she kept a photo of Lara Flynn Boyle circa 1998 on her fridge. It's not even 6 months yet, and her hair went to long, short, and long again.

See more » At Natascha's 18 birthday, she has long hair. See more » I wanted to watch this film because I was curious about the details of Ms.

It would be several years before Natascha was ready to reveal the full horror story.

In her 2010 memoir she admitted she was little more than a slave.

But Natascha said she would not answer ‘personal or intimate’ questions.

On the day Natascha escaped, Priklopil, then 44, threw himself under a train.

But it was only in February 2013, just before a film based on her book was released, that she admitted Priklopil repeatedly raped her during her time in captivity.

It’s impossible to imagine just what Natascha Kampusch endured for her eight long years in captivity, and the impact it might have had, but one thing is for sure – it sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

It was custom built, the door was made of concrete and reinforced steel. She said Priklopil had given her books, and she had educated herself.