Protesters occupied the president’s office at the Ivy League school a couple of weeks ago and demanded more “womyn or people of color” faculty, coverage of sex-change operations on the student health plan, and “gender-neutral bathrooms,” among other things. Hanlon has responded with a call “to end the extreme behaviors that are in conflict with our mission.” But Hanlon’s aim seems focused almost exclusively on the campus fraternity system, and his solution — a committee to look into “high-risk drinking, sexual assault and inclusivity” — appears more a way to appease those who engaged in the sit-in than to confront genuine problems at the school. Binge drinking is a huge issue on campuses across the country, and fraternity hazing can be cruel and dangerous.

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Dartmouth could ban fraternities tomorrow, and students would still get plastered every weekend, and young women would still wake up after drunken hookups feeling like they’ve been assaulted (and they aren’t entirely wrong).

What’s more, minority students who’ve been admitted with lower grades and test scores through misguided affirmative action programs would still feel alienated and find themselves the objects of unfortunate stereotyping.

There was a time in American education when educators felt comfortable in passing along moral values to the young.

Now the only thing they seem to know how to do is pass on platitudes about inclusivity.

Dartmouth has seen a large decline in applications over the past year, down 14 percent. Maybe it means that parents as well as prospective students are rethinking the allure of a school that marries a party atmosphere to political correctness.

The cure, however, is not more sensitivity training and gender-neutral bathrooms.

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As for assault, stop the drinking, and there will be fewer sexual assaults.