Plus your partner won’t be able to stop thinking about you, when you send him a naughty SMS while he is at work. So, you would like to engage more but you are a little shy and afraid.

Don’t focus too much on the words you use, focus on how you say it and on your intention. Some enjoy only the very soft-core vanilla like dirty talk. Maybe you are not wearing panties and you share your secret with him.

Make it flirty, start with something softer and work your way up.

But you just haven’t gotten to the point of spitting those thoughts and words out in a hands-on situation. For now be grateful for already having those thoughts.

Maybe you have a few fantasies but haven’t taken action on the dirty talk front yet?

that’s a bold statement; I shouted it out in one of my podcasts :-). It takes courage to say out loud what we love, what we desire and what we yearn for. Sometimes when I am worshipping my partner’s lingam (penis) by massaging it with my sweet and shy expression, I feel I want to get naughty (breaking my own vanilla pattern) and tell him how I fucking love his cock. I just couldn’t get those sexy sounding words out of my mouth.

Those words like “I love your cock” or “fuck me harder” used to get stuck in my throat.

Like a female body, dirty talks needs enough warming up and teasing before she is ready and begging for more.

You can for example use names for your genitals that you like and turn you on.

You not only turn your partner on, but yourself too.