The CAF are headed by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Canada’s senior serving military officer, and are comprised of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Goals of the DND and the CAF For details, and for more information related to enrolment, such as information on career opportunities with the CAF, terms of service and more, please visit the Recruiting website, or call the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre at 1-800-856-8488.

For the answers to your general questions about the Department of National Defence (DND)/Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), please refer to the following topics.

The Royal Canadian Navy is the maritime component of the CAF.

It protects Canada’s interests by: The Royal Canadian Navy is headed by the Commander Royal Canadian Navy who maintains combat-capable, multipurpose maritime forces designed for the above-mentioned duties.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence is the Minister's most senior civilian advisor on all departmental affairs of concern to the central agencies of the federal government (such as the Privy Council Office, Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission).

The Deputy Minister of National Defence’s responsibilities include: Read more about the Deputy Minister of National Defence in our “About Us” section.

Look at the sleeves of the uniform tunic (the jacket of the dress uniform) and the shoulders of other uniform clothing (shirt, sweater, windbreaker or overcoat).

Officers up to the rank of Colonel or Captain (Navy) have narrow gold rings around the cuffs of the uniform tunic and gold bars on the shoulders of other uniform clothing.

You may write to DNDRecruitment-Recrutement [email protected] to inquire about DND civilian job opportunities in your area.

DND and the CAF share a unique relationship in the Government of Canada; DND/CAF have complementary roles to play in: , which sets out the Minister of National Defence’s responsibilities, including the Minister’s responsibility for both the Department and the CAF.

The Read more about the Minister of National Defence in our “About Us” section.